Pom-Pom’s Fried Fowl

Pom-Pom's Fried Fowl
Pom-Pom's Fried FowlConceptsPom-Pom's Fried Fowl
DescriptionUpon use, increases Fire DMG of all allies by 16% and ATK of all allies by 18% for the next battle.
StoryA signature delicacy from the "Astral Express" prepared by Conductor Pom-Pom themselves. First, the poultry (any species, preferably avian) is marinated and coated with Pom-Pom's special seasoning and breading. Then, with the heating and pressure of controlled high-energy particles, it is deep-fried precisely for a duration of 0.2434 seconds until golden brown. The result is a dish blessed with a tender exterior and a juicy interior. One bite and you'll feel as if you're being caressed by the gentle gaze of Akivili, soothed in comfort and warmth.

"Voyage among stars for a taste of Cosmos!"

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